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Friday, December 3, 2004

German NGO helps war-affected Children in Afghanistan

Kabul: Since 2001, German Aid for Afghan Children expandes its projects inside Afghanistan. This NGO has been leading by Dr. Reinhard Eroes, Director in German and Ing. Alem Janna Shahab, Director in Pakistan and Afghanistan and other afghan stuff.
This NGO has been working on the basis of education and medical supply in small towns and villages in the east of the country, which in the past years were highly affected by the war against Taliban and Al-Qaeda. Starting January 2002, they set up a small office at Jalalabad, the capital of the eastern province of Nangarhar. From there they started reconstruction of schools for girls within the first months of the year.
Reconstruction of old building of Ahlli Girls high school:
At ALLAEI-High-School, is one of the best girls high school in Nangarhar it was rebuild in 2002 by GAAC, this school has 4000 girls students and about 90 lady teachers in different subjects this school named after a progressive and courageaous Afghan woman, who demandes and established education possibilities for Afghan girls in the last century, about 4.000 girls are given the opportunity to go to this school for the first time after many years.
More than 190 Afghan women, shut off from any education during the Taliban regime, were appointed as teachers. they are teaching with enormous involvement and great enthusiasm at our schools and are able to support their families with their salaries.
Since the number of female students increased by a 100% within only one year, the school building is already too much small, and teaching has to take place in the schoolyard. So we decide to construct 12 new classrooms in the yard of this school so we constructed a new building within 8 months 12 class rooms and 8 bathrooms. Economy oft the country is still poor. In addition, we had to produce 1.200 school benches within a few weeks, because we think it important to this girls school are not forced to sit on the bare ground, as often encountered at Afghan schools. We have also provided computer class for about 100 girls take part in computer lessons, this computer class habe 10 Computer with complete equipments we want to offer this computer class to many female students as possible in the future. Two intelligent lady teachers are teaching here, they help train Afghan teachers as well.
On 18 November 2004 the Bibi Hawa high school in the province Nangarhar was opened. In the opening ceremony the afghan Director of Education and administrator governeur of Nangarhar and many lady teachers and girls students participated in the opening celebration. The setting was spectacular under part of new building. The German Television, German Newspaper and Afghan television were present at the ceremony. This building has 32 class room 8 bathrooms including 1 seminar room which they put the first stone of seminar room in the same day the hold building takes about 4 months to be constructed.
On 19 November 2004 in small village of Khoggani District of Marki khel in Nangarhar province we start to build the Marki khel modal school the first stone ceremony complete with the traditional presentation and took place on 19 November 2004 the afghan Director for Education and the Development Director with Maliks and many elders of that village and also head masters teachers and more as 100 of students were present. This school has 12 class room along with 6 bathroom approximately this school will be finish in 5 or 6 months and it's for 1320 students boys and girls.

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